Africa Research Information & Development Bureau

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We are ARIDB a.k.a the Bureau

The Africa Research Information & Development Bureau (ARIDB) - the Bureau - is the official aid agency of the African community. It is a not for profit organisation with charitable intentions and is the umbrella body of organisations whose raison d’etre are to work towards the improvement of:

  • Security (Community Safety)
  • Stability
  • Economic Development/Regeneration within African Communities

Inspired by a mission to restore Africa to the greatness destined to her from the beginning, the Bureau - is the Out of Africa Call to Action to Africa’s children scattered throughout the world for the need to create a Security, Stability and Development Fund (SSDF), funded by communities comprising of African Communities for economic regeneration in  their communities.

What we do

The Bureau has been established to work solely towards the improvement of security, stability and economic development of the African continent. Our mission is to educate, empower and create real economic opportunities for Africans. Our primary role is to raise funds, encourage and facilitate the creation of country specific Security, Stability and Economic Development/Regeneration Funds (SSDF) funded by members of the African community for use in their communities for security enhancing (community safety) and development orientated projects.    


How and who we serve

We have created a strategic roadmap to countering insecurity and economic degradation/under-development that will enable ARIDB to work with communities in each state and country to help to create employment, improve community safety and stability in local communities.

We serve the African community. We are accountable first to the African community then donors. We are 100% transparent and provide regular updates and progress reports through newsletters, publications and conferences.

We are also the “go-to-organisation” for investors and companies wishing to do business in the continent. We provide real accurate, country-specific research and data. We  organise public lectures, symposia, road shows, networking, investment and business opportunities events