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Broken States & Our Failure

Most, if not all will agree that Nigeria is Broken. The entire system is broken.

The problems are not new and are the cumulative effects of a long list of failures including: 

  • Political and religious failures
  •                   Failure of government and governance
  •                   Political instability
  • Economic failures
  • Financial Failures and mismanagement
  • Security failures
  • Social failures and instability.

The national breakdown has, for easterners also translated into: 

•             Economic stagnation

  •          Decay of health care and academic infrastructures   

•             Joblessness

•             Hunger

•             Marginalisation

•             Maiming and Killing of Igbos in Igboland by Fulani Herdsmen, and

  •           Insecurity   
Which, if, left to continue unchecked has the potential to further “destabilise,” leading to a state of “anarchy.” The seriousness, potential and devastating impact of the current state of affairs cannot be overstated, minimised, over-estimated or over-emphasised. 

Of all the challenges confronting the eastern states of Nigeria the most acute are

  • Security challenges
  • Failure by us (the people) of the land
  • Individualism (our deadly egalitarian ways)
  • Inertia
  • Egotism
  • Elitism
  • Disunity (infighting and unruly attitude has destroyed the fabrics of our unity).

Unless the above challenges are adequately addressed we will continue to stagnate. Unlike the Jews we sometimes claim to be, though they have their differences, they are solidly united on issues relating to their state – homeland.  No unit can survive and prosper when parts of it are divided.  According to Ihenacho 2014 (one of our own sons) “The needs of the hand or a branch cannot supersede the needs of the body and that of the tree.”  When the body and/or the tree are healthy and safe, every part of both the body and the tree becomes healthy and safe.

Our failure

The enormity of the security challenges facing Nigeria and the Eastern states in particular are recognised and debated at all levels of society. However, discourse on the contributions of the indigenes to the breakdown of the Eastern states has yet to receive serious attention in discourse.


Nigerians, especially the Igbos are ranked amongst the most highly educated people in the world yet behave like Educated Illiterates whose actions have since the end of the civil war acted to exacerbate the demise of our states. We are plagued with:

    1. Division
    2. Distrust
    3. Lack of community/collective spirit
    4. Elitism, Egotism and
    5. Corruption


Which combined with our reliance on failed governments and failed systems of governance to provide security, stability and development has helped to exacerbate the failure, hence economic and security demise of Eastern states.