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What can we do


We need to fix our broken states. We need to act. We need to act:

  1. Now

  1. Quickly

  1. Collectively

  1. Decisively, and

  1. Continuously


We need to stop behaving like Ostriches, pull our heads out of the sand and accept our failures and act. Real change can only begin with acceptance. With acceptance and willingness to act collectively comes real change. When you want to make change you have to accept the truth and then take steps to address it. Regurgitating over the issues and/or repeating the same old things will not change anything but worsen the situation.


We also need to unite.  A nation divided against its self will never ever stand. This is a standing rule that can never be faulted.   Eastern states will never reach their full potential if we do not stand together, united.   

Why do we need to act?

We need to act because the need to create change and improve security, stability and economic development in the eastern states is now at all-time high.  We also need to act because:


  • When we go home – we want to go home without fear – fear of death and fear of kidnapping. We want to go home to a safe and stable environment. No more need to spend millions of Nira on security for a month or two to visit Nigeria.
    1. The greatest development change does not start with the government at government level. It starts at the local/grass root level and sizzles up. The government plays catch up.
    2. If we want to see improvements, we need to do it ourselves.