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Security, Stability & Development Fund (SSDF)

The Marshall Plan helped to rebuild Europe after World War II. The original Marshall plan, a US initiative to rebuild Europe's economies after World War II, included loans, grants and other assistance worth $14 billion. There is no such stimulus package to aid Nigeria in its quest for economic growth and development.

Estimates suggest that Africa’s diaspora remits an excess of $60 billion (bn) per year to the continent through official channels. Unofficial channels add at least another $60 bn. Altogether remittances, were over 2 times the amount received from foreign aid.

Nigeria, as with most countries in the African continent needs to generate wealth for its growing population. It also needs to create jobs for its youth. The power and growing power of remittances to Nigeria, by Nigerians, if used wisely – especially for the development of infrastructure and the industrial sector, has the potential to kick-start the production of wealth and generate employment in Nigeria.

NRIDB is calling all Nigerians in diaspora to support us in our quest to create Nigeria’s Marshall Plan in the guise of a Security, Stability and Development Fund (SSDF). The SSDF like the Marshall Plan is stimulus package, a common fund, funded by Nigerians and friends of Nigeria. It will be used to strengthen and develop Nigeria’s potential through the implementation of economic development/regeneration projects and security enhancing projects in Nigeria. 

An economic stimulus package like the SSDF, implemented wisely, has the potential to drastically reduce poverty in Nigeria

The fund will enable NRIDB to put in place necessary security (neighbourhood watch/community policing) and development projects required to improve security (community safety), stability and development of Nigeria in order to secure the safety and future of Nigerians. 

There are millions of Nigerians scattered throughout the world. A contribution of any amount from around £2.50 per person month (£30.00 a year) towards the SSDF would enable NRIDB to put in place much needed development projects.

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