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Nigeria Research Information & Development Bureau

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Improving Education

Children are studying in death traps. Structures are dilapidated and desolate. There are no toilets for a primary school with over 500 children. Children and teachers go toilet in bushes around the school putting their health at risk. Roofs are leaking. There are dangerous cracks on walls. There are no doors. Rodents run around freely. There are no teachers except volunteers. There is no lunch. No electricity or running water. These primary schools lack the most basic of facilities. Those that are purchased are overused and expired. These schools meant to provide the foundation for developing the youngest and most vulnerable in rural Nigeria are not functioning. They are not fit for purpose.

NRIDB is putting on a strong fight to improve the condition of the primary schools used by the poorest of the poor in our rural communities. With your help we can help the poorest of the poor in our rural communities stay in school, gain quality education and beat poverty.

The poorest of the poor cannot afford private schools. They rely on the very basic of structures which more often than not are of inferior quality and lacking of the most basic of amenities. Retention of qualified teachers is low to none existent and most more often than not rely solely on volunteer teachers.

School life for the poorest of the poor in our rural communities in Nigeria is very different to those of our children in the west or for the children from more affluent families in Nigeria for the matter.

The Central School of Oforola primary school pictured has over 500 pupils and is an example of the deplorable conditions of the facilities available to the poorest of the poor in our rural communities. It has no toilets for teachers or pupils. All have to use the bush at the side of the school. The roof is full of holes. It is not possible to have lessons when it rains. There are no walls separating class rooms. The concrete floor has eroded away. The children have lessons sitting on sand.

NRIDB is appealing to everyone to help us to rebuild the dilapidated primary schools in our rural communities. Donate today. Help us to help them stay in school, get educated and beat poverty.