Together, United, We Can Make Change Happen

Nigeria Research Information & Development Bureau

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Message from Our Youth Ambassador

As a Nigerian born and raised in the UK, all I hear are negative things about Nigeria: 4-1-9, corruption and terrorism in the form of stereotypes and from the media. In fact, if I look in my emails, Prince Babatunda II has probably messaged me a few times asking for my card details so he can send me money. But I know from my parents and my own visits to Nigeria that Nigeria is and can be a good place, a better place. From my own eyes, I can see that we (Nigerians) are great people and Nigeria itself is the heart of Africa. Yet, all the gifts and talents we possess are wasted or are given to other countries in the world apart from our own. A simple example of this is that Nigeria can provide our neighbouring country Ghana with electricity 24/7, yet I will be forever hearing that “Neppa took the lights” when I am back home. I would even hear that people would rather go aboard than go to the hospital next to their home to get treated for the common cold.

This is not the type of country my parents should go back to. This is why I am supporting this program, so Nigeria is known for justice not corruption, authenticity not 4-1-9 and tourism not terrorism. I have to support this program so when I come to my old age I will happily and proudly say I want to go home and stay in my country Nigeria. But why should I wait till old age? In fact why should we the youth of Nigeria wait. We should be able to go back to our motherland now. We should be able to put our gifts and talents to good use in our homeland now. Why should we wait to solve the problems of our country tomorrow when we can start today?

The Bureau's NRIDB program will support this idea, helping one village at a time, one town at a time, one city at a time and hopefully, we will get to a point where it’s one country at a time. I am Igbo, so helping my community is first and foremost, and then hopefully we as a people can put petty clashes, selfishness and elitism in culture behind us, and support this program to help other communities in Nigeria. Then, we can really be one nation, one people, united, together.